ARTFUL Dining is…


It’s not unusual to hear from prospective residents that eating has become boring, too much trouble and a chore they avoid when possible. What happens? Reduction in the number of daily meals. Supplements versus eating real food. Loss of weight. A decline in health. We created ARTFUL Dining to re-inspire value in one of life’s most important functions – dining.

ARTFUL Dining happens when talent and passion merge. Wait staff take pride in serving happiness, not just food. Chefs who demand that meals be as tasty to the eyes as to the palate. Management that believes a restaurant atmosphere elevates the morale of patrons and staff in a way that a dining hall cannot. The result is a dining experience unlikely to be found at other senior living communities – and that’s artful!


Culinary art is about more than just cooking


Food is a science, an art and a social experience. The science is about creating healthy and well-balanced meals. Today, however, culinary preparation and presentation has become an art form, combining the best of taste and appearance. And, whether snacking in a cafe or dining in a restaurant, food is more often the common ground over which people get together to socialize – a happy soul is a healthy body!

Good setting
Good food
Good nutrition
Good friends

Our chefs pride themselves on preparation techniques that are beautiful, savory and healthful. As a result, residents often experience immediate and direct benefits from this artful dining philosophy. Attractive presentation of meals and an enjoyable atmosphere stimulates interest in eating from seniors who previously avoided dining for various reasons. Better eating leads to better nutrition. The outcome is improved overall quality of life.



Good food doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated… fresh ingredients are the key.



The color of food, dishes,
table linens and wall color
can all have an effect
on your appetite.



Food supplies the brain and body, and directly affects mental and emotional health and stability.



Studies have shown that increasing food variety can increase food intake and
alter energy balance.



A friendly environment and stimulating conversation at mealtime is almost as important as taste.